Organic Gardening Beginner Tips

If you have ever started a garden before then you know just how rewarding it can really be. To plant seeds and nurture a life form into something beautiful is a very fun and exciting experience.

What is Organic Gardening

If you have moved on from traditional gardening and want to start something new with organic gardening then there are a few things that you should know. First of all, you need to know what organic gardening is.

To give a basic definition it is when you only use natural items to help your plants grow. This means that you don’t use any type of pesticides or synthetic fertilizers to try and get your garden going.

Many people will actually take kitchen scraps and other wastes to make their own composts so that they can fertilize. This entire process of being organic usually does take a bit longer than most other types of gardening but there are a lot of additional benefits that come with it.

Selecting A Garden’s Location

The first tip; is to pick the right spot for where you will plant your garden. You will want to watch your yard and find the area of the property where they will get the most sunlight and still be protected from the wind and weather.

You will also want to pick a spot that doesn’t flood easily but still has easy access to your water source. Last of all, you should prepare the soil so that you can have the right conditions for planting. Use a start up kit to test out the soil and find the pH of it. Once the conditions are right it’s up to you to get it up and running!

Some Gardening History For You

Originally built as a decorative piece to accompany Emperor Frederick the Great of Prussia’s palace in Potsdam, Sanssouci Park is considered one of Versailles great rivals in the European horticultural arena. While it can’t compete in terms of size, nor grandeur, Sanssouci’s grounds are no less ornate. After the palace was completed, and its immediate grounds terraced and planted, sights were set on the park, it was then converted into a baroque flower garden complete with lawns, flowers and hedgerows.

Easily the most recognizable site on our list, the Taj Mahal Gardens were a technical miracle of their time! Taj Mahal Gardens employed the Mughal garden style which was the standard of its locale. There’s also a central column of water that stretches from the tomb to the plinth. However, the construction is so precise as to reflect the palace across the surface of the water.

The aforementioned Mughal style bears some resemblance to its European counter parts with the strict discipline of geometry that it adheres to, particularly where the shapes and dimensions of its numerous flowerbeds are concerned.

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