Juice Fasting

Author: Sharon Hopkins

Fasting is one of oldest and effective ways of burning huge amounts of accumulated waste products in the body. Previously, people used to fast by drinking water only throughout the day. Experts say that fasting on juices, both vegetable and fruit, is much gentler and beneficial in normalizing all body processes. 

Juice fasting is one of oldest and effective ways of burning huge amounts of accumulated waste products in the body. This method is a safe detoxifier.

Steps To Juicing

Juice fasting involves intake of juices diluted with water every hour or two from morning to night. Avoid consuming solid foods or other types of liquids such as canned juices if you are on juice fasting. The total juice intake in a day should be about 7-9 glasses.  Vitamins, minerals, carbohydrates, iron, calcium and enzymes contained in these juices supply much-needed nutrients for the body’s own healing activity and thereby speeding up the recovery process.

The Benefits of Detoxing

While on juice fast, ensure that your bowels are flushed out regularly. Juice fasting has many advantages, and it’s the safest method to detoxifying and eliminating dead or damaged cells and tissues. It reduces the cholesterol levels; treats symptoms of allergies, acne, and headaches by flushing out toxins – making one feel good and healthy. 

How To Juice

Juice fasting can be done with almost any fruits or vegetables that are eaten raw. Best veggies for juice fasting are tomatoes, cucumbers, celery and carrots. A combination of apple and carrot juice or apple and tomato juice i.e. a combination of a fruit and a vegetable is a healthy and nutritious drink. You can use huge varieties of fruits and vegetables in combinations or separately. They give the body its daily calories and enhance health. 

First, peel the off skin from vegetables and fruits. Rinse in filtered water. After extracting the juice, dilute it with water in equal parts. Make sure that your juicer does a good job of extracting the juice. Consume the juice immediately after extraction.

Consult With Your General Practitioner First

Before you start your juice fasting, consult your GP in case your body does not agree with juice fasting. The first signs of symptoms that may appear when fasting are foul breath, a coated tongue, and a bad taste in the mouth.

These are symptoms that you may experience until your body has cleared out all wastes. In short, exclusive diet of juices of vegetables and fruits is an effective way to restore health from diseases, cleanse and regenerate tissues and rejuvenate the body.