Aerobics Fitness – A Few Precautions

Don’t Ignore Symptoms

Most of us tend to ignore symptoms; but we want you to be fit and healthy. So, just think for five minutes. In the course of your normal activities, you may have rushed to answer the doorbell, telephone, or hurried up the stairs. After doing so, have you felt dizzy or faint? Got slight pains in your chest? Developed flu-like symptoms? Had an upset stomach? Found difficulty in breathing?

There may be nothing to panic about, but please consult your doctor. Explain that you want to start exercising and ask him or her to guide you on the activity you choose and how intensely you can do it. Take any test he advises you to. If the thought of visiting your doctor at his dispensary puts you off, you could enroll yourself in a gym that has a medical practitioner attached to it.

Consult With Your Doctor

It’s worth the expense to put you on the right track of health and fitness suited to your individual circumstances. Moreover, if you are over 35 years of age and have never exercised, it is better to get a doctor’s green signal to get into aerobics. Most fitness books advise you to exercise under medical supervision if you have a heart problem, diabetes, are a heavy smoker, are highly stressed out or are extremely obese. Clearly, such factors need careful medical monitoring.

To these we would like to add one more condition – the state of your eyes. Are you myopic? In other words, are you short-sighted where you have high minus-number glasses? If so, before embarking on an exercising program, consult an ophthalmologist, an optometrist or a vitreoretinal surgeon and have your retina checked out. Your eye doctor should be highly trained in binocular indirect ophthalmoscopy. Retinal detachment can be aggravated by lifting weights or sudden jerky movements. Being myopic does not automatically put you in the retina detachment department, but the risk exists. Hence, it’s wiser to consult a specialist. However, don’t use your short-sightedness as an excuse – where you do not make an appointment with your eye doctor, and put off exercising indefinitely. Make that call today. Even a person who has undergone retinal surgery is advised to lose weight after the healing and convalescing period. The reason being that that extra load of fat puts a strain on the retina.

Cardio Techniques & Keeping It Interesting

Most of all I make sure that it’s fun, cardio can get boring so make sure you have a plan that makes it fun but challenging. Find something that pushes you! Remember to change your program every 4 to 6 weeks maximum so that it continues to be effective. Using weights, most of you will have walked into a gym and been put off the idea of doing weights as you see people doing exercises wrong and making it look extremely difficult.

Firstly, before you start you to rack up the weight, make sure you have the correct technique, technique is everything! Don’t listen to anyone who says it’s about how many weights you can lift. Remember trainers are there to show you how to do things correctly, ask a trainer how to do a certain exercise; they will be delighted to help you. Having the correct technique will make a huge difference. To have the most effective workout – get yourself a program, something you can follow, something you can keep track of your progress and remember to change it frequently.

Weight Exercises for Females

Females need to do weight exercises too, don’t be put off to go into the weights area and complete your exercises. You need to mix up your training, and you need to be doing different types of exercise. I would recommend you doing cardio, weights, and abs exercises as well as fitting in some decent fitness classes.

When doing cardio, it is pointless to stay on one machine for 1 hour and I definitely wouldn’t recommend it. Don’t get me wrong if you are training for a marathon a running machine can be a useful piece of equipment. However, even then it’s not great for that as it’s not realistic, when you’re running outdoors you have different terrain to deal with. Therefore if you’re training for a run – train outside.

Ensure when you are using cardio equipment you have a program to follow as this will ensure you have a better workout. I write loads of cardio workouts that use sprints, long burning workouts, rest periods but still exercising.

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Females Lifting Weights

A well written program, will do you the world of good! So go out and get yourself a great program it’s worth the money. Good programs are going to get you results!

Girls doing weights: I am going to be honest here; Don’t go in and lift 1kg weights, this is a waste of time; you need to get yourself a plan that you can follow.

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